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Zebra application bersion release notes

Date Version Description Author
11 Sep 2001 Release 2.2.6
external distribution
JSPPresentation: samples were fixed Sergey A. Nezhinsky
07 Sep 2001 Release 2.2.6 JSPPresentation: RequestId processing was added Sergey A. Nezhinsky
22 Aug 2001 Release 2.2.5 Core: Special exceptions were added
Examples: Installation bug ffixed
Sergey A. Nezhinsky
7 Aug 2001 Release 2.2.4 JSPPresentation: logger was improved Sergey A. Nezhinsky
9 July 2001 Release 2.2.3 JSPPresentation: bug with session invalidation during action and from servlet-engine side fixed
Generator: fixed security code generating in static attribute accessors
Generator: added static methods support
Generator: added abstract methods support
Core: new ngen version is used
Sergey A. Nezhinsky
28 May 2001 Release 2.2 JSPPresentation&Core: there was no any work with attributes with type 'long'. added LongParserFactory. Fixed AbstractJSPController on this.
Documentation: release entries in docs changed from 2.1 to 2.3
XMLPresentation: works propertly with sessionId == null
Core and Generator: jaas security bugs fixed, more effective work
Core and Generator: jaas security suport added
JSPPresentation: made overwritable function to convert recived local file name - (getUploadedFileName) fixed bug with documentRoot
JSPPresentation: really fixed previuos bug
JSPPresentation: fixed bug with session invalidation listener (session always invalidated on second request).
XMLPresentation: bugs fixed
JSPPresentation: now listen for http session invalidation and invalidate zebra session.
JSPPresentation: changes in StringUtil, added static methods with same functionality, now checking for null.
Core and Generator: fixed security supporting methods (in*Permission and ZServerImpl), now static security is working ok (it is possible to define at deployment time what scenarios and form bean attributes and actions are accessible to all users).
JSPPresentation: removed logging of file uploading process
Generator:PropertyChangedEvent firing code in form bean is now conditionally generated
JSPPresentation: now using log4j instead of Debugger fixed performance problems when committing parameters when redirect to refresh, now send no action added RequestFilters using getRealPath() if no DocumentRoot specified fixed some bugs
Core and Generator: IndexedPropertyChangeEvent firing added to form beans Generating multiple associations in form beans is fixed
Generator: bug fixed: getCAT is now generated protected instead of private
Sergey A. Nezhinsky



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