RTF2FO - XML converter                    
RTF2FO - XML converter Overview

The resulting XML file complies with the W3C specifications for XSL-FOSupport all RTF formatting features, including tabs, pictures, watermarks and colorsJava API for including into applications as a Run-Time partStandard APIs for XML parsing and processingCompatible with popular XML convertersJava 1.2 and 1.3 compatible, Linux and Win32 command line interfaces, batch mode operations supported.

The RTF formatting features supported are:
  • Font family and size, superscript;
  • Font style and weight (bold, italic, underline, etc.);
  • Font color and background color;
  • Paragraph formatting (alignment and margins);
  • Basic support for document columns (column measure parameters
    and column breaks are not supported);
  • Some page setup options (margins, page size);
  • Page breaks (break before or after);
  • Header and footer on all pages;
  • First page header and footer;
  • Watermarks / document background;
  • Table formatting (column widths, borders, fill color, spans, nested tables);
  • Pictures of all graphic formats supported with Word 2000;
  • Footnotes (custom and arabic numbering labels);
  • Configurable encoding;
  • Links (e.g. in table of contents) and hyperlinks

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