C2J Converter FAQ
  1. What platforms C2J is compatible with?

    At the moment there is only Win32 version available. On your demand we can provide you with specialized version for other platform (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and others).

  2. I am trying to convert C++ program into Java classes, but have a compilation error.

    First check if CLASSPATH variable contain file's path.

    1. "Unreachable statement" compilation error.

      The current version of C2J does not analyze statement's reachability. If you have this error you should delete or comment unreachable statements in generated Java source code manually.

    2. "Cannot resolve symbol" "symbol: method methodname" compilation error.

      The current version of C2J fully supports only ANSI C library. If nevertheless you have this error for ANSI-C function, please let our support service know about it.

If any other error has occurred contact our support service.

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