NS MDF                    
Novosoft MetaData Framework(MDF)

Novosoft metadata framework is based on JMI specification and intended to generating classes that are required by JMI specification and also provides additional services like event notification, undo/redo support, XMI support. NSMDF is local in-memory implementation.

NSMDF project is based upon Novosoft UML Library which is widely used within Novosoft to construct code generators and to map various UML models for programming languages like Java, C++, SQL, etc. It can also be very useful for tool builders to develop facilities for object-oriented software and to facilitate development of open source modeling tools like Argo/UML. The Novosoft UML Library is currently being integrated in the Open Source UML Modeling Tool Argo/UML. It will supply an efficient and complete UML 1.3 metamodel implementation for this tool.


Business advantages

  • NS MDF generator concept allows a developer costly global optimisations
  • NS UML 0.4.* is integrated in ArgoUML and good relationships with ArgoUML team are build. ArgoUML leaders were convinced to use nsuml1_4 in ArgoUML 0.11.* development branch

Novosoft metadata framework comes with the following features:
  • JMI API support;
  • Event notification support for all significant operations;
  • Complete undo/redo support;
  • XMI loading/saving.
System requirements

  • JDK (Java development kit) version 1.3
  • Platform: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix

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